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Monday, 16 July 2007


Sounds like something from a Batman film. A really baaaaad Batman film.

In fact, a certain Welshman, who claims to be Spanish, living in Belgium, my head hurts already, has tagged me. For those who can't be arsed reading the original tag, here it is in full.

I nominate the following, for the Thinking Goth Award, which will expire in about 2 days or when I get bored shitless of the concept.

- Nominate 5 sites that only make sense after several drinks or spliffs
- Do NOT send me links to them, I don't care
- Feel free to nominate yourself as many times as you want
- If you nominate yourself less than zero, you are shit at maths
- You have explain why you ended up there, or even read it
- There will be no voting or any of that meaningless crap
- You have to explain why you are Gothimating the site


My Thinking Spot - because she makes me cry with her honesty and I cannot pollute her comments with my inane bullshit

Boob Pencil - anyone collecting pencils under her tits must have something really interesting to do.... or not [and she's a real author and that, so she knows how to write proper]

Mr Farty - anyone that delights in the ignition of their own emissions is always handy in a dark tunnel [who he?]

This Old Broad - anyone that old who still wants to be a groupie must be SO good in bed

Princess Diaries - anyone that cute who is not getting sex on a regular basis must be, well, missing something

See HERE for more details

So. I love rules, me. Especially the tinkling sound they make as they shatter into a gazillion pieces. Think I shall nominate five sites, but they will be ones that I consider fartworthy.

Stinking BuggerAnd I've done a badge and all.

First up is Chaucer's Bitch, not least for this post, but also because she is a good egg. CB is a keen rower, and it broke my heart when she did her back in. Working back to full health one step at a time, with the help of The Pirate. Oh and she's a Pastafarian wench. Feck alone knows how I found her, but she is one of the few bloggers who can write long, long posts that don't make me get bored and - hey, wake up at the back there! And there's nooky.

Second has to be Done A Poo. Someone done a poo in my comments box and that was it. I'm hooked. Not as good as farting, but hey ho.

Next we have BOSSY. Not too strong on the farting, but definitely full of shit. At least according to some reviewer who couldn't write a decent blog post if their life depended on it.

In penultimate position (second last) comes Mr Brom of The Windsor Castle Hot Air Balloon Festival, purely because of this little gem.

And finally, way over in Australia Kentucky, is the delectable, dimpled, downright gorgeous, feck who am I kidding, she's as funny as a fart in a nunnery, Apos! I think I found her in a review by Hot Coffee Girl. Gone a bit quiet since she finally made it Stateside, but worth dipping into her archives for a sniff while you wait for a new emission.

Toot toot!


BOSSY said...

You have more rules than the metric system.

Virginia Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Virginia Lee said...

I apologize for not typing at you since your trip to Canadia, but believe me when I say, I am still very much a fan of your blogginess.

Alas, I have no nominations for your, er, intriguing awards, but I do have a game...

TAG! You're IT!

In this game of Tag, which is admittedly my first, you apparently type eight interesting things about yourself in your blog and then forward it to eight blogging friends. It's not unlike a chain letter, but friendlier as there aren't any curses or hexes attached.

So far as I know.

I hope you will play. I typed about you and your brilliance in my blog regardless.


Mr Farty said...

BOSSY - As a popular British landlord says, where would we be without rules?


Ginny Lee - Flattered as I am, I don't want to spend all my life playing tag. See here for the last time I did this particular one.

Oh, wait. That was seven. All right then. I once ate a Belly-Banger (30 scoops of ice-cream, all different flavours) single-handed for a bet. Couldn't taste a thing for three days.

apositivepessimist said...

Aw Thanks Farts…now when I have sense I will make hide and hair of what I have to do.

That’s my polite way of saying…oh fuck that looks like work ;) But I love the button and want it.

Mr Farty said...

* blushes *