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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Something Terrible Has Happened

An Angel
This is one of my great-nieces. Isn't she a little angel? When she climbs up on my knee, puts her arms around my neck and declares, "I love you, Uncle Farty", it's the most wonderful feeling on earth. If anything bad were ever to happen to her, I would be devastated.

It hasn't.


Pour yourself a stiff drink, then read this.

Mama They Hurt Me Here.

I feel helpless.


Z said...

That is shocking. Absolutely dreadful.

Mr Farty said...

Z - I was so shocked, I couldn't think straight...kept checking Honey's blog every few minutes for developments, fearing the worst but hoping for the best. I haven't cried in years, but the tears were welling up big time this weekend.

I see SG has posted a supportive comment on Honey's blog. Knowing that he lives locally kind of puts my mind at rest. A bit.

I'm praying for Honey and Rose. It's not enough.

jenny said...

Makes my heart and head ache reading that post by Honey. WIth my own 3 girls, I always feel extra worried when we go out, with terrible people out there lurking, looking for the right moment to snatch a child. Then I also worry when they are older and start dating, and a boy (or a man) won't take no for an answer.

I hope all will end well for Honey and her girl.

LJ said...

Oh god.

Mr Farty said...

Jenny - Me too. My daughter is 23 and I'm only starting to relax now.

LJ - I know. Words sometimes can't express how we feel.