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Friday, 27 July 2007

Big Blogger 2007

Cat from Scotchland has made it into the final of Big Blogger. Yayyy!

But she needs your help to win. As she says:

A plea.

I have made it to the final three in Big Blogger. I am rather proud of myself. And perhaps more than a little bit of a saddo. On Monday night, the winner will be crowned. Then it will all be over and I'll shut up about it. So, I'm counting on you to get over there and vote for me. Every single day. On every PC to you pass.

And if you really love me, it would be splendid if you'd encourage your readers to vote for me too.


You know what to do.

But in case you don't, Click Here, then vote for Cat to win.

btw, on that other BB, when I heard that Charley and Tracey were up for eviction, I naturally thought Charley was the bloke and Tracey was the bird, not the other way round.


Manuel said...


Cat said...

Thanks, my lovely - keep voting!

Manuel said...

How very Northern Ireland, vote early and vote often...