Farty's Fortunes

Thursday, 26 July 2007

If You Can't Beat 'Em

"You will adapt."

High Tide Heels
As that Borg off Star Trek said.
A Heavenly Body yesterday

Is this a bunny or a duckling?


Jahooni said...

Just found your Blog. Love it. Love it. Love it.

I am a frequent stalker of Bossy's. Isn't she great?!

In the Tampon post I saw "Mr. Farty and HAD to check you out.. glad I did.

Will visit again soon.

The Good Woman said...

All look like good ways to survive the Scottish summer...

Sewmouse said...

Are those high-heel diving web-feet slipper thingys????

How trendy.


john.g. said...

Farty, what a great idea! Duck and Chicken stir fry, all in one!

john.g. said...

Ok, ok, rabbit!

Mr Farty said...

Jahooni - Interesting name. I may have to come and stalk you.

My Good Woman - There speaks the voice of experience.

Sew - Got it in one. They are all the rage here.

Or will be if it doesn't stop frigging raining!

John - Our minds must be on the same wavelength, I thought your first comment said rabbit.