Farty's Fortunes

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Adventures in the Canada - Illustrated

A Waterfall

Mall Train

Toffee Apples

Good Advice


Chocolate. Strawberries.

Sky Train. Science Centre ahead.

Yes, it says cannabis.



Mmmm fudge.

For Spanish Goth.

If you take size 14 or more, then Intimate Apparel is not for you.

Ice Cream


Chocolate Hedgehogs

Goats. On the roof.

Full Moon.

More fudge

Fudge Factory. 50 Flavours!

The Eagles. Not at Hotel California.

Drama Queen Drive.

What a way to go

Mmmm coo-kies!

Chip. And indeed, Dale.

Cat, tree. Tree, cat. Just like that!

Black Skwerl. Note the Evil Eyes.

Bear Paws.

Farty with a Bear Behind.


john.g. said...

Haa, Haa! Great post Farty! Full moon, you're in trouble!

rilly super said...

Now is that eagle really in that tree or did you cut and paste it from the logo on george Bush's underpants?

very super pictures Mr farty, however your earlier stories of the wilderness, of wresting bears and climbing moutains in flip flops using only your teeth seem to have been overlooked in the photos on the blog in favour of ice cream and chocolate which surely gives a misleading impression that you made it all up over whilst never leaving the ice cream store.

I hope you had a lovely time even if you had to book in to the priory for a maple syrup detox when you got back

Anonymous said...

Mr Farty: Thank you so much for posting these photos. You have a wonderful sense of humour. I had a good laugh.

No wonder there are so many size 14-24 ladies with all that fudge and ice cream everywhere.

That Full Moon photo could win a prize!

Timbo said...

Did you bring the bear back with you? You look so good together.

Mr Farty said...

John - She's already seen it, but not till we all had a laugh.

Rilly - There's a second eagle just about visible below the obvious one, if you click to enlarge. I wasn't sure they were real until one flew off.

Anybody can get - or put - photos on t'internet these days; these were the ones you won't see in calendars and that. And which I had fun taking, despite the odd looks I got.

Babzy - Thanks. *bows*

Timbo - Mrs F wouldn't let me keep him, sorry to say.

As an aside, he was carved using a chainsaw. Not a patch on this gem of course!

Right. Off to catch up on BB (Big Blogger, not the cheap imitation on C4).

Sewmouse said...

What interesting photos - although it would make one think you had spent your entire holiday in the sweets store.

Except for the bear.

I had a friend from Brazil visit last summer, and he took a lot of phone-pictures of squirrels too. Are squirrels really all that rare in the rest of the planet? Could we export them for big bucks?

PI said...

Did you partake of all those gorgeous goodies? If so there is going to be another full moon I shouldn't wonder:)

Mr Farty said...

Just remembered, I need to book an appointment with the dentist.

Sew - There are hundreds of squirrels in Edinburgh's very own Botanical Gardens. Every single one of them is grey and therefore by definition a PEST. I have never yet seen one of Britain's native Red Squirrels. Until I visited The Canada, I'd never even heard of black squirrels. Apparently a close up photograph is very unusual, so you may be onto something.

Pi - Christ, no. I wouldn't want to overload the plane! Fatso alert, fatso alert! One teeny bit of maple fudge the day we got back, man it's sweet.

la cubana gringa said...

Anyone who displays THAT much chocolate in one single post is someone I can really stand behind. (But only if you shave your bear behind.) ;)

Mr Farty said...

LCG - Welcome. If you're planning to stand behind me, you'd better be wearing your SCUBA gear!
And good luck with the lessons :)

Cat said...

Nice pics, but it is not wise to publish so many sweet-orientated images when women have PMT...

Mr Farty said...

Cat - Chocolate is good for the soul, if bad for the hips.

Liz said...

Will you be posting any more photos Farty? I like looking at photos almost as much as I like eating chocolate and you seem to be combining my two favourite intrests quite well.

How many photos did you take, btw? I took over 300 and it took me weeks to sort through them properly.

I saw a black squirrel in Stanley Park last year too, but I think your photo is better than mine. On this day last year, I travelled from Jasper to Kamloops on the Rocky Mountaineer. This afternoon I shall be travelling from Ipswich to Swineshead. It's not quite the same.

Drama Queen said...

Oh!! Did you buy me the DQ sign? Please say you did. . .

Mr Farty said...

Liz - Hmmm. 243 photos including a couple of video clips. Aren't electric cameras wonderful?

*click* "Dinnae like it" *delete*

I'm a crap photographer, but take enough that a few are worth posting. 21 to be precise, not counting the ones already up.

DQ - Oops. We had to pay $80 excess baggage as it was. Sorry.

Hope Goth doesn't expect me to bring back the shop.

Brom said...

Full moon!! love it.

Interestingly, there are black squirrels in Letchworth.