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Sunday, 15 July 2007

The Lines Are Closed...

The votes will be counted and verified on Sunday. Or Monday. Tuesday at the latest.

I must say that I'm very impressed with both the quantity and quality of the entries in the Caption Competition. I may have to call in an independent adjudicator on account of I might be biased/too lazy to think of a prize for a foreigner.

And I'd forgotten that some ex-pats live in Brussels. What does it say about Belgian chocolate that Brussels bloggers are vying for Thornton's vouchers?

Good news - I resisted the urge to pop into said shop today. Instead, I stood outside and counted bits of paper. Three. At a fiver a pop. Meaning I've got fifteen pounds worth of vouchers, not just ten, so there will be a prize for the runner-up. Hurrah!

Talk amongst yourselves while I decide...decisions, decisions...


SpanishGoth said...

Give it to the fat bastards - they need it...


That's not me.. the fat one

or the bastard

or needing it

*buggers off to fetch his JD*

Cat said...

I can't recall whether my entry was funny or not, but I am crippled with women's troubles and am thus very deserving of choclit. I hope you'll keep this in mind.

john.g. said...

I don't like chocolate, I only entered 'cause I was bored!

Mr Farty said...

S - What makes you think you've won? Just because you had the first entry, doesn't mean I would pick you to win, then let everyone else send in their ideas anyway. Who do you think I am, Richard and fucking Judy?

Cat - Going for the sympathy vote, eh? Noted. I can't stand to see a laydee in distress.

*shuts his eyes*

Feck. Can't see.

*opens his eyes*

John - You know, I never would have thought of you as bored. And anyone who doesn't like choclit is just a weirdo.

Well - must get to work...