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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Competition Time!

Or "I Can't Think Of A Funny Caption"


This picture is begging, BEGGING I tells ya, for a funny caption.

Ten British Pounds worth of Thornton's vouchers for the best one submitted by, say, 14th July 2007. If, by a fluke, some Johnny Foreigner comes up with something more amusing than a Brit, I'll have to think of something. Maybe a competition to decide on a prize...no, wait...


Competition closes in 3 hours or thereabouts. Many thanks to Goth for getting the ball rolling. My own best effort (after checking the original story) was "Library gets serious about overdue books".

Nuvver Update

Competition has now closed. Ner ner ne ner ner.

Winners posted here.


SpanishGoth said...

'Ooops, that's bollocksed then'

SpanishGoth said...


I nominate the following, for the Thinking Goth Award, which will expire in about 2 days or when I get bored shitless of the concept.


- Nominate 5 sites that only make sense after several drinks or spliffs
- Do NOT send me links to them, I don't care
- Feel free to nominate yourself as many times as you want
- If you nominate yourself less than zero, you are shit at maths
- You have explain why you ended up there, or even read it
- There will be no voting or any of that meaningless crap
- You have to explain why you are Gothimating the site


My Thinking Spot - because she makes me cry with her honesty and I cannot pollute her comments with my inane bullshit

Boob Pencil - anyone collecting pencils under her tits must have something really interesting to do.... or not

Mr Farty - anyone that delights in the ignition of their own emissions is always handy in a dark tunnel

This Old Broad - anyone that old who still wants to be a groupie must be SO good in bed

Princess Diaries - anyone that cute who is not getting sex on a regular basis must be, well, missing something

See HERE for more details

Mr H said...

Mr Fartys helium testicle interface experiment went horribly, horribly wrong.

Misssy M said...

Finally some evidence of giant evil rabbit at large.

rilly super said...

Jeremy Clarkson goes missing after police are called to Al Gore's house

Mr. X said...

"I told you not to stick your fingers up at that crane operator"

"You could have waited until we'd reached the service station"

john.g. said...

Crane driver loses his balls.

Sewmouse said...

"Oh crap. I knew I should have taken that grocery bag full of eggs in FIRST! Now how am I going to get back for more??"

john.g. said...

Car boot sale goes wrong!

Cat said...

"Susan didn't know quite what to expect when she ticked the box marked Thunderball on her lottery ticket..."

Minx said...

No Marjorie, I can't run any faster - there's a stone in my boot.

rilly super said...

'well, it works' says a very satisfied Mr Farty of his new Edinburgh police approved car anti-theft gadget, 'nobody's nicked it..'

lady macleod said...

My balls are in the boot.

SpanishGoth said...

'The new BumWoooh 5 Series'

Drama Queen said...

I'm just not witty enough. . .but *that* is very funny. .

Ali Bali Bee said...

Do my balls look big in this?

Diesel said...

"I told you it would fit in the trunk."

"Well, this day can't possibly get any worse. Wait, what's that ticking sound?"

"Careful with that thing, Bruce. If that P.O.S Ford hadn't broken its fall, that ball could have done some serious damage to the pavement."

Jim resolved to take "NO PARKING" signs more seriously in the future.

"And this little beauty was owned by a little old lady who only used it to drive back and forth across the Cannon Firing Tournament grounds."

"Sure it looks bad now, but wait till this baby HATCHES!"

"Ok, ok, I'll admit it. Your Ford Taurus has some balls."

Brom said...

The AA man said I had to have balls of steel to drive around in this wreck.

Brom said...

Great pic Mr. F!!

Mr. X said...

Oneupmanship at the bowling club had gone just a little too far this time...