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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Caution - Parental Guidance Suggested

Young children - very young children - should only be allowed to read this blog under grown-up supervision.

It says so right here:

Online Dating

2 x gay + 1 x slap = PG

I am such a potty-mouth.

(Thanks to M1nx for this one)


Misssy M said...

My christian mother in law reads my blog. From time to time I forget that. She started reading it whilst I was posting daily blogs of our trip to Thailand, so I kept it nice and swear-free. Since then, things have been steadily sliding.

Today I go in to my stats and see she's been reading all this week and I've used "fuck" a couple of times, talked about shagging and probably blasphemed.

I need a special rating to force her to go back to People's Friend for her reading matter.

Diesel said...

I think mine was PG because of the word "crap." Earmuffs, Max!

Drama Queen said...

Me too. :-(

rilly super said...

missy m, I think you have just raised mr farty's rating to XXXX...

john.g. said...

I did mine, and only got general audience! Who the fuck's he?

Mr Farty said...

Misssy - Ooer, MIL'd better not read my next post!

Diesel / DQ - What a crap ratings system.

Rilly - Oh, so you're back! Hurrah!

John - I think he works with general protection.

SpanishGoth said...

The dark one managed to outscore you all apparently. Bearing in mind there is not a single picture within the blog, I was somewhat surprised to get

NC-17 - No one under 17 admitted

Piss off you pompous twats.... (the rating people, not you obv)

Mr Farty said...

S - I think it just looks at the current page, so the more pictures the less text and the lower the score. Probly.