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Monday, 29 October 2007

Five Things

This meme came from Misssy over at The Misssy M Misssives. Looks like a lot more than five to me, but I never was too good at sums and that, so here goes...

What were you doing ten years ago?

  1. 1997 was the first time, except for a very brief trip to Glenshee, that I went skiing on proper snow. There was a works outing to Andorra, so I took Little Miss Farty along for the ride. It's the first - and last - time I skiied on a black run. I know it was 1997, cos I saw observed comet Hale-Bopp at its closest approach from the top of the Pyrenees. With binoculars wot my bruvva had gave me.

  2. I met the girl who broke my heart for the very.last.time. She was up in Scotchland to pick up a fridge, as you do, and stopped off in Embra for a visit. We just sat and chatted, in a bar, for an hour, about nothing in particular, but by the time she left, the empty place inside of me, which had been aching for ever so long, had been healed. Which was nice.

  3. I discovered the Slippery Nipple, which despite what it says in the Urban Dictionary is Baileys and Sambuca, in the same glass but not mixed.

  4. I learned something about flash photography. Take a glass of Sambuca, set light to it, then dip your middle finger in the glass and hold your flaming finger up while someone photographs it. Try it, that's all I'm saying.

  5. And didn't Princess What's-her-face decide to drop out of public view that year? Mrs Farty and I left flowers at the Scotch Monument, since everybody else was doing it. And had a wee greet. Shut up.

What were you doing one year ago?

  1. Working my butt off on a certain merger. 12-hour shifts, sometimes 7 days a week, hence not much else.

  2. I got sick with that winter vomiting bug, probly related to the above, and took a week off work. I would have been climbing the walls with boredom, except that...

  3. I found that my new works laptop had full internet access.

  4. So I spent my time off work reading Non-Working Monkey's blog from Day One to present day. Is that what they call cyber-stalking?

  5. But back in January, I spent the New Year drinking Amarula beside the braai while the kids splashed in the outdoor swimming pool. Guess where? Not Embra, oddly enough.

Five Songs you know the lyrics to:

Oh, now that's hard, I just like to hum along...

  1. American Pie by Don McLean. My sister-in-law brought the album (vinyl!!!) back from the USA for me in, feck, a while ago. 1974?

  2. Leaving On A Jet Plane by Peter, Paul and Mary. Long before I ever heard of John Denver.

  3. Even In The Quietest Moments by Supertramp. (You might want to fast-forward the first couple of minutes.) A good friend of mine was in a band that played a superb instrumental version of this, but they had trouble memorising the lyrics. So I bought it, learned it and, er, oh yes, I forgot that I can't sing. Bummer.

  4. Mr Blue Sky by ELO. Trivia note - the girl with the magic smile in this video is the late, great Rosie Vela.

  5. Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. What? A bloke can't be hep with the modern groove? Man.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  1. Give a big chunk to Greenpeace.

  2. Emigrate. Abroad, probly. Somewhere warm. Like. You know. SA or NZ.

  3. But not before buying a walk-on part in Doctor Who. How cool would that be? Way cool.

  4. Take up blogging full time.

  5. You think I'm kidding with 4. I'm not.

Five bad habits:

Only five?

  1. Picking my nose. I love a good root around. Surely it's no coincidence that the human nostril is exactly the same size as the Pinky?

  2. Snoring, apparently. Mrs Farty accuses me of it, but I've stayed awake all night to check and never once heard myself snore.

  3. Hitting the snooze button too many times, then being in a mad dash to get up for work.

  4. Speaking before I think.

  5. Spending way too much time busy blogging.

Five things you like to do:

  1. Blogging. Well, that's a given, innit?

  2. Playing Go.

  3. Reading Science Fiction. The Good Stuff, like this.

  4. Take nice photographs. Not many people know this, but I now have a Flikr(sp?) account. I promise I'll put some more pix up real soon now.

  5. Make banoffee pie. Gosh, I haven't done that since, erm, Sunday.

Five things you will never wear again:

  1. My cowboy boots. I bought them on my first trip to Merka. Oh yeah, I visit Merka all the time. Four times in fifty years, if you count that weekend in June. Anyway, they were too tight on my poor toes even then. But I do still sometimes wear the cowboy hat (when I think nobody's looking). Gen. You. Wine. Leather.

  2. Old Spice. wtf was I thinking?

  3. Ribbons in my hair. *sob*

  4. A bungee harness. It's like this. One year, Mrs Farty and I went to Blackpool with her siblings, spouses (spice?) and that. We went on nearly every ride. We nearly went on the dodgems (bumper cars); we nearly went on the water slide; we nearly went on the roller-coaster; we never actually went on anything. Everyone was like, "oh, yes, I'll go on if you do". Yeah, right. So the next time we went, I decided to have a go anyway. Not one of those scaredy-cats would go on with me, so it was just me. I went on the Slingshot ride. Gosh, it was such fun! I had to go on the Pepsi Max Rollercoaster just to calm my nerves afterwards.

  5. Any kind of leather jacket. No reason, I just don't like them very much.

Five favourite toys:

  1. My wee moby.

  2. My hand blender. See banoffee pie. Whipped cream in 30 seconds flat.

  3. Wumpy, my toy rabbit from when I was, like, wee. Long since disintegrated, but I still remember when he had two eyes. And one ear. And a tail.

  4. My Sonic Screwdriver. Really.

  5. My blog. Does that count? I play with it enough.

Five things you hate to do:

  1. Stop to change batteries. I was thinking of my camera, but you can read what you like into this one, eh girls?

  2. Say goodbye to friends.

  3. Get up on cold, dark mornings. Boo!

  4. Work night shift. Thought I'd gotten away from that one 16 years ago, but I still get roped into it now and then.

  5. Diet? Exercise? Hmmm...I'll go for a long walk quite happily. Diet, then. I couldn't forego chocolate.

I'm not tagging anyone in particular, but if you do decide to pick this one up, drop me a line. Ta.


Z said...

I would have, but I fell at the first hurdle. I can't remember what I was doing ten years ago. I do remember Hale-Bopp, because I watched it every night while walking the dogs round the village.

I remember yesterday quite clearly, however.

Mr Farty said...

Z - I couldn't remember at first, either, except for TGWBMH, who introduced me to the drink. And Hale-Bopp reminded me about the ski trip.

And the media keep banging on about thingy. Go on, what were you doing when you heard about the crash?

Take your time, this took me a week.

Misssy M said...

This post made me glad I did that meme. Hilarious. It was the bit about the batteries that really did it.

...don't understand it though...

Mr Farty said...

Misssy - I don't know, I open my heart up to you and you just laugh. Sigh...

Misssy M said...

I'm also thinking that since we both know the words to "American Pie" that we can team up and do a duet...

Mr Farty said...

Misssy - See point 3 in that category. You, me and a cat's choir!

Liz said...

As I haven't put anything on my own blog for at least a month, I might just pick this idea up just so that I can post something. Otherwise my loyal reader might think I've died.

Great post as usual, Mr Farty.

Mr Farty said...

Liz - Thanks. I'll be sure to drop in for a look.