Farty's Fortunes

Thursday, 4 October 2007

My 1,000 Favourite Cheeses

  1. Emmental

  2. This traditional, fruity cheese has lots of holes where people have poked it with their fingers to see if it's ready yet. At least I hope it's their fingers. Do you like my burnt-edge effect? No expense spent at Farty's.

  3. Cheddar

  4. Surprisingly adaptable, this cheese is frequently pumped full of chemicals to make it turn bright orange.

    Or indeed any other colour you fancy.

  5. Wensleydale

  6. A bit crumbly, this one, but its slightly bitter taste makes a good contrast on hot, buttered toast.

  7. Gruyere

  8. Two words: Foreign muck.

Ok, what's the most boring thing you've ever been tagged with? (Apart from this one, John.)

Don't Tag Me, Bro. Unless it's a goody.


Jahooni said...

Say CHEEZE........
You're on candid camera!

My fav was always Swiss but thinking of what really pokes out the holes, well... YUK!

BOSSY said...

You are Bossy's favorite cheese.

Mr Farty said...

J - It certainly explains the smell.

BOSSY - *blushes*

livesbythewoods said...

Ooh! Cheese! Hurrah!

Did I tell you about the Frome Cheese Show, by the way?

Mmmmmmm. Cheese in a tent on a hot day.