Farty's Fortunes

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Nowt As Queer As Folk

People come here for the oddest reasons...

  • Full frontal Paris Hilton

  • What is better Huggies or Pampers

  • England and 0-36 and rugby jersey

  • Random fact about Schrodinger

  • Dilbert cellular flushable

  • Look under Scotchmans kilt

  • I thumb my nose at you. I fart in your general direction!

  • Good seeing to

  • Dubai underground skiing

  • Rickie Lee Jones - Years May Go By lyrics

  • Farty

  • Senile dimension

Hope you found what you were looking for.


Brom said...

Search to's are always a hoot, cept mine which are nearly always about balloons - funny that.

Love the predictive text thing too, I have a few weird ones that mine throws up from past entries. Agreed still clever tho'

Mr Farty said...

Brom - Ooooohh bloons!

SingleGuy said...

Well for the dilbert hunters - you'll be looking for this:


Mr Farty said...

Guy - Ahhhh. Fanx.