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Friday, 23 February 2007

Me and my Big Mouth

Just came here from Little Red Boat, where Anna mentions that reading a book can affect the way you write or speak...

I've been reading Non-Working Monkey.

At 3am last Saturday morning I got a phone call from work, asking me to join a conference call...so...
"What's up?"
"We stopped a system to do some maintenance and now it won't start."
"What does the manual say?"
"'Use the restart command.'"
"So use the restart command."
"That's what we wanted to do, but {pointy-haired manager} insisted on opening up a conference call."
"What a twat!"
"Um, what was that clunk?"
"That would be {pointy-haired manager} dropping the phone."
"Oh...anyway, have you done it yet?"
"Did it work?"
"Can I go back to sleep now?"
"Nighty-night then."
"Nighty-night, Farty."


pierre l said...

I.ve just come from little.red.boat as well, and thought I'd save you having to comment on your own blog

john.g. said...

What a twat indeed, and he`s a manager?

Mr Farty said...

Pierre, I was planning to post this story here anyway, Anna just gave me an udge.

jg - Indeedy. He's certainly got the right stuff, i.e. total lack of initiative.