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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Winter Draws On

The nights, as they say, are fair drawing in, and Scotchmen and Scotchwomen across, er, Scotchland have taken to wandering around with their heads tilted back and mouths hanging eagerly open. Aye, there's a nip in the air...
Cat Deeley. Hot or Cold?

In the run-up to Halloween, police have been warning ordinary folks that "young people" are evil monsters and will be arrested if found in possession of flour or eggs. "We do not want to be seen as killjoys", said a killjoy yesterday, "but would you like it if some young-un were to bake you a sponge cake? Why, the chloresterol could kill you in twenty or thirty years!"
A cake yesterday.

If they can avoid getting arrested while they're at the shops getting kitted up for trickle-treating, the kids will of course be buying the usual bag of nuts - "and no' too many coconuts!" I still love that one.

Good news for nerds this week. Apparently, boffins have declared that love and sex with robots are inevitable. Given the choice, which of these would you rather have? Pervy dwarfSexy Robot

Happy Halloween! WWFSMD?


lady macleod said...

LOL, and that's why I came over :-)

Mr Farty said...

Lady M - I try to please. Glad you liked Vancouver.

john.g. said...

Cat Deeley! Thank you, that is all!

Mr Farty said...

John - You would not believe the amount of *cough* research I have to do to make this blog the top-notch site that it is.

BOSSY said...


rivergirlie said...

i fancy the one at the bottom with the orange face

Mr Farty said...

BOSSY - You DID lick it, didn't you? Naughty girl!

Girlie - May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage.