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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Nothing To See Here

I decided on the title to this post at lunchtime today, as I was planning to stick some photos over there on Flicker ===>

And also mention an update to Celebrity Litigation here.

But then I saw this article in New Scientist. After least year's less than sensational news about a shed of invisibility, boffins have only gone and created an actual, working invisibility cloak using gold rings. Blimey! Where did they get that idea?

Frodo One tiny catch. You have to be about 500 nanometres in size for it to work. So even Frodo would be a smidgen on the chubby side...

In fact I can't imagine any human being who'd be thin enough to pull it off.Posh Can you?


Cynnie said...


I'll never be invisible..

well ..
only at parties in southern california..

Jo said...

An advert for anorexia if ever I saw one :D

Misssy M said...

Posh would only wear the cloak if it was from Louis Vuitton.

And even then she'd only wear it once.

lady macleod said...

Yes, I rather think she would slip right through..

Mr Farty said...

Cynnie - Are you sure you really want to be invisible?

Jo - I think I'm bulemic. I look in a mirror and think I'm fat, I stuff myself silly, then I - ah. Knew I'd forgotten something.

Misssy - How very true.

Lady M - Um, what?

Jahooni said...

I agree with Missy M!

Mr Farty said...

J - You're not wrong.

Honey said...

posh is invisible: sideways

Mr Farty said...

Honey - She is a bit of a stick insect, innit?