Farty's Fortunes

Monday, 4 June 2007

Farty Does Merka



Nichola said...

This weekend I discovered eating my dad's shepherds' pie makes me fart a lot. RIPE!

f:lux said...

Meh? As in pfft?

lettuce said...


there must be SOMETHING worth saying?

rilly super said...

Mr farty, that is truly a refeshing piece of travel writing. 'On the Road', eat your heart out. PS, you're not Judith Chalmers in real life are you?

Sewmouse said...

Dear Mr. Farty:

We are distressed to see that you were less than positively impacted by your visit to our country.

If you could possibly be bothered to give a slightly more verbose description of your specific complaints, we would be more than happy to spend some time addressing any issues you may or may not have with the western areas of the country.

Unfortunately, we just can't do anything about Utah at this time, I'm sure you'll understand.

A "Merkan"

Mr Farty said...

Nichola - But Indian curry makes a much better smell!

F:Lux - Meh as in Meh.

Letty/Rilly/Sew - Oh, very well...