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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Predictive Textioh

There must be a name for it - that doubly lazy phenomenon of switching on predictive texting on your moby, then not bothering to check that it correctly predicted what you wanted to say before hitting "send".

Can you imagine if the entertainment pages of the papers did that? I can.

  • Lose of the Rings

  • Pridesman

  • Good With the Wind

  • Laws

  • Close Encounters of the Third Line

  • Got Fuzz

  • Run, Eat Any, Run

  • Citizen Land

  • Bridget Loner's Diary

  • The Heartbreak Lie

  • Lackasp the Movie

  • Happy Routes and the Philosopher's Stood

These are just the ones that - almost - make proper words. Not as easy as it looks - it's amazing how many words the wee thing predicts correctly.


john.g. said...

You really should find something else to do! LOL.

john.g. said...

Shit! 1st !!

Julie Midas said...

This is good fun. And you're right, it's harder than you might think!

Finding Memo
Good Alone
Was of the Worker
Saving Private Swam
Snow White and the Seven Excrues
Crocodile Funded
Honey, I Pistol the Kids
The Devil Years Spada
Driving Miss Fairy
Kranes up. Kranes

Mr Farty said...

John - This is something else to do.

Julie - Hey, that's good! You should write a blog ;-)