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Sunday, 11 March 2007

Quiet Day in Embra

Not much going on at Farty Towels this weekend. Silver Wedding party went without a hitch. I think I may have accidentally brushed my hand against Favourite Niece's bum every time she sashayed past, but in fairness it took a massive detour to pass our table on the way from FN's chair to either the bar or the dancefloor. And she was up and down a lot. Mmmm. And the cake was nice.

Niece bum

Elsewhere on the planet, Steve and Damion should be reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on their charidee trek about...now. I'm half-hoping one of them will have wee accident so that I can conclude my wee trilogy with "Return in a Sling." Break a leg, guys!

Mount Kilimanjaro. Yesterday.

But Shock! Horror! I play back last night's semi-final of Dancing On Ice to find that the gorgeous Louise off Emerdale, I mean Marilyn off Home and Away, er, actress Emily Symons and her professional skating partner Daniel Whiston have been bumped from the competition by the judges. How could anyone find fault with that lovely couple? :'(

A Lovely Couple

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