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Monday, 5 March 2007

Something Bad in Blogland

Oh dear.

I took up McAfee on their security upgrade at the weekend and now I can't read my own blog. Or any based at blogspot.com.

Others, like Andre, Hot Coffee Girl and Mr Angry appear to be immune, thank goodness. Dunno what I'd do if I couldn't get my Angry fix. Turn green?

And my email seems to be up the spout too, so even if Virgin had an obvious email address that I could report this to, I'd have no way of knowing they'd heard from me.

Of course it might not be a security problem.

It might have nothing to do with Virgin.


It's Virgin. There's a reported problem with Telewest/NTL/Virgin and blogspot.com, which was allegedly fixed at the weekend, but some users, including me, still get "IE cannot display the webpage" for anything.blogspot.com, except of course for http://blogspot.com, which redirects me to my own dashboard. Keep posting comments, I still get them emailed to me. Not sure now which part of email isn't working...sigh...


PI said...

'If it aint broke...'

SpanishGoth said...

Well, one assume that if you couldn't 'vent' then you would by definition, explode (sort of like a slimmer Mr Creosote...)

Mr Farty said...

Ohhhhhh God that's better!

No, it's not fixed but those lovely lovely lovely people at Blogger have supplied a workaround. And have given Telewest/BlueYonder/NTL/Virgin a good kicking into the bargain.

Beardie Branson really knows how to lose customers.

The twat.

Timbo said...

I say switch to Firefox. And I can't slag off Virgin/NTL, never mind how poo this whole Sky argument thing is.

I used to work for them don't you know?

Mr Farty said...

Timbo - Thanks for the hint, but "it is a problem regardless if you are using safari or firefox or IE - clearing cache etc is waste of time." Meh.