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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Sky Minus

Well, I've had a poke around the blogosphere and nobody (well, nobody who counts) is whinging about Beardie Branson taking The Dirty Digger's channels off his cable network. I wonder why the lack of protest?

*thinks back to yesterday morning, when that fat twat Eamon Holmes was reading the news*

Ah. Right.


Nichola said...

Was The Dresden Files on Sky BastardMinus? I'll be so pissed off if I have to miss the dimpled loveliness of...um...thingy.

I watched it for the acting, honest.

I've been lurking on your profile. I, too, am a fan of The Darren Hayes, though for different reasons to you, I think. Unless you wish to bum him?

Or perhaps fart in his generally direction. Which I would not do, being a lady.

Mr Farty said...

Nichola - Never heard of the Dresden Files until now. Hmmm, yes Valerie Cruz does indeed look, um, no bad. It says here on the google that DF is/was on SciFi. Haven't watched that for a while, so I dunno if I've still got it.

I heard Darren Hayes was good with colours. Still interested?

john.g. said...

Mr. Farty, I couldn`t give a shit, because I have SKY, the full package. But I do pity those who lost out.

Mr Farty said...

jg - Lost what? All the half-decent stuff will be on DVD soon enough. Meh.