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Friday, 9 March 2007

Shaggy Blog Stories: a collaborative blog-stunt for Comic Relief.

Troubled Diva is assembling a book of funny blog posts for Red Node Day. Or even Red Nose Day. Sorry, still getting used to these fingers.

Anyway, go here:



That's it.


Cat said...

I just wish I had funnier posts. I want to be in a book, dammit!

kissme said...

Funny is as funny does.

I always found the newspaper ad that said 'We dare you to wear these shoes out' and an article many years ago in Computing that said 'A new way to assess the trainee By Dick Sizer' absolutely hilarious.

But no-one else did.

Timbo said...

So are you contributing anything Mr Farty?

Mr Farty said...

Cat - You're blue jumper story made me laugh - but maybe that's just me.

KissMe - I get that sometimes.

Timbo - Well, you'll just have to buy the book to find out, won't you?