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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Underground Skiing

A BBC News Report describes a Norwegian chap who went skiing on the London Underground. As you do. Perhaps he was practising for when global warming melts all the snow in Norway.

I should point out at this juncture that:

  • Skiing on the London Underground is dangerous. You might be mistaken for a Brazilian and shot by police marksmen.Police Marksmen Chase A Frogman

  • Skiing on a real ski slope is also dangerous. A French twat barged into me last time I was pissed on the piste and broke my thumb. Thanks, Pierre!
    A Thumb Yesterday

  • Embra has the longest artificial ski slope in Europe.
    Hillend Ski Slope

  • So there.

    SpanishGoth said...

    Cheapskates !! The one in Dubai (in the middle of the bloody desert) has real snow NA NA NEE NA NA

    BOSSY said...

    Skiing: Bossy doesn't like to engage in any sport that contains too upside-down exclamation points in its title. (Bossy thinks those exclamation points must have gone head down into the snow bank.)

    BOSSY said...

    Did Bossy type 'too'? She meant 'two'. As you can tell Bossy has a bachelor's degree. (Or as she used to say in college, "So many men, so little time.")

    john.g. said...

    That looks like an elephants c*ck!

    Mr Farty said...

    Goth - If Scotchland had its own oil reserves then we'd be able to import - hang on...bastid thieving English pigs!!

    Bossy - Oh, lah-de-bloody-dah! Well, Farty's been to Varsity two - just to clean the drains, mind.

    John - That's right, lower the tone...but it allows me to repeat the old gag: Why does an elephant have four feet? Cos it would look bloody silly with four inches.