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Friday, 9 May 2008

What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?

While reading an article on Slashdot about a cheap NASA spaceship this week, I learned to my surprise that Dr Alan Weston invented bungee jumping in 1979. Unless you count ignorant savages and that, who were doing it 1500 years ago.

Now, as we all know, Al Gore invented the Internet, John Keogh invented the wheel and I invented fire. Just now. How about you? What amazing invention have you come up with that everyone's been using since the dawn of time no-one has ever thought of before?


Marie said...

I wrote this awesome book about this girl named Elizabeth that meets this guy who seems like a real prick but ends up being really great and super rich and they get married.

Oh wait, that was Jane Austen.

VE said...

Well....I did invent air and sunshine...but I try to keep a low profile about it

And I cannot believe I post about cabor throwing and you miss it! Too bad for you...another Scot already beat you to it...

Mr H said...

Ah, but the way of the enlightened is the way of chindogu.

I can hold my head high and claim credit for;

Non stick Sellotape
the solar powered torch
the waterproof sponge
the inflatable dartboard
double sided playing cards

And the one I am proudest of;

The Pedal powered wheelchair

Steal stuff here - HERE

Laurie said...

Interesting that Sellotape is called Scotch Tape over here. That's probably in your Merkan-English Dictionary somewhere.

I'm kind of boring. I've never invented anything. That I'm proud of, anyway.

Brom said...

I invented a neat mixture of gasses and called it air. I designed it specifically to dilute farts so that the world would be a much less smellier place.

Apparently people have been using it extensively for other purposes..... without my permision.

Sewmouse said...

I'm taking credit for inventing this novel approach to discovery and calling it "Inventing".

Yes. I invented Inventing.

Mr Farty said...

Well done all, it's good to know I'm such esteemed company.

VE - I've never heard of some of the people in your post, so didn't feel qualified to comment.

Laurie - Sellotape / Scotch tape is scheduled for a future entry in the dictionary.

Brom - Why would anyone want to dilute farts? That's just pervy.