Farty's Fortunes

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Decisions, decisions...

I must have done something right, as I've been awarded a Red Letter Day by TPTB. There is so much to choose from, I am at a loss what to pick.

That's where you come in. Which of these wonderful experiences do you think I would appreciate the most?

  1. 30 minute Light Aircraft Flight. It's not as if I get vertigo on a stepladder. No, wait.
  2. Deluxe Ginger Chocolate Selection.
  3. Intermediate Golf Masterclass with a Pro. That sounds a bit of alright. Oh, pro golfer. Boo!
  4. Farting. Oops, my mistake. Karting.
  5. Pamper Spa Day. Nothing like a good pamp in the spa.
  6. Topshop VIP Experience. With a personal shopper and that.
  7. All Bar None Chocolate Selection.
  8. White Water Rafting for Two. Oh, yes, Mrs F would just love that. If she could swim.
  9. Aerotow Gliding Flight. Ooo, flying with no propellor, fab!
  10. Bird of Prey Day. Now I would love to fly a Romulan Bird of Prey!
  11. Sumptuous Chocolate Truffle Selection.
  12. Overnight Ghost Hunt. Cos what's the point of daylight ghost hunting?
  13. Skidpan Driving. Sounds vaguely toilet related. Ah, but you need a valid driving licence.
  14. Luxurious Milk Chocolate Selection.
  15. Extended Microlighting. I could wear a nappy, I suppose.
  16. Adopt An Olive Tree. FFS.
  17. Superior Fruit Chocolate Selection.
  18. Bouquet of Stargazer Lilies. I'm in touch with my feminine side already, ta.
  19. Dom Perignon Gift Box.
  20. Falconry Day. I could train it to hunt grey squirrels, cool!
  21. Gourmet Experience Voucher.
  22. High-Speed Passenger Ride for Two. And that differs from joyriding in Wester Hailes how, exactly?
  23. Ice Climbing for Two. Totally appropriate for anyone with arthritis.
  24. Krug Champagne Gift Box. Don't like champagne.
  25. 24cm Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish. Wow!
  26. Mountain Climbing. Meh.
  27. Paintball for Three. Me, Mrs F and Mrs Dull. Two paintball guns.
  28. Rapid Running for Two. As against Slow Running?
  29. Rich Dark Chocolate Selection.
  30. Rock and Ice Climbing for Two. Whoopee.Frickin.Doo.
  31. Chocolate Club (8 months)
  32. Sony Walkman 8GB MP3 and Video Player.
  33. Stokesley Hamper. Nom. Nom. And indeed, nom.
  34. Supreme Chocolate Box.


VE said...

Be a man...go for the electronic gadget.

Marie said...

Wow, lots of chocolate. I think I'd go for the gadget too. You could always sell it on ebay if it's not something you'd use.

Misssy M said...

I'd go for any of the experiencey/activity ones.

And not just so as I could blog about them (but that would be part of it- sadly)- you can eat chocolate any time and Cadbury's is better than any so-called gourmet stuff.

I'd have to plump for the plane one. c'mon that would be ace...and dangerous!

#Debi said...

Let's see...stargazer lilies are my favorite flower (and now also my mom's, since I got her some for Mother's Day), rick dark chocolate is my favorite sweet...

Oh, you were talking about you! Then, I got nothin'...

Brom said...

I can't quite see the value equivalent between a 30 min aircraft flight and some truffles. Perhaps you get a truckload?

I have something similar in my back pocket and I think I will opt for a Hot Air Balloon flight. (But definitely NOT from Windsor castle)

Do the Gliding, it's fun!

Sewmouse said...

19 and 24 sound like all you get is the box, not the booze.

I'm for #31. You can never get enough chocolate.

livesbythewoods said...

Hamper. Obviously.

And when it's empty you can sit in it and pretend it's a hot air balloon basket.

john.g. said...

I'd go for a flight in a chocolate glider!

Mr Farty said...

Thanks all!

VE - I've got a moby (cell) with internets and pictures and radio and MP3 and that built in - it's how I manage to read all your blogs on the bus.
I don't see the point in having two.

Marie - Or I could just go straight for the chocolate.

Misssy - You had me at Cadbury's. Not so keen on dangerous, but an activity looks like the better option.

Debi - Mmmm chocolate...but they don't do Cadbury's. Or Thornton's. If I don't like it (and I don't like that Belgian crap) it's hard to back out.

Brom - I believe it is a truckload. See above.

That's odd. When I searched for things in my price range in my location, bloon flights didn't show up. But when I searched for bloon flights, what do you know?

Sew - Reminds me of Ecksmas when Little Miss Farty was wee - she would spend hours playing with the empty boxes, leaving the expensive gifts untouched.

Lucy - I may not have to pretend. See above link.

John - Oh, FSM, I do love chocolate! But I think I'll ask about bloons.

#Debi said...

There's something in Cadbury's chocolate (at least, that which we get here in Merka) that gives me a headache every time I eat it. So I stay away from Cadbury's. But any dark choccie will do. I always say that chocolate should be like the men I date, a little bit sweet and a little bit bitter...