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Monday, 19 May 2008

I Am Not Funny!

According to Scotchland's greatest living beard bard, Billy Connelly, no less.



dkuroiwa said...

Oh Mr. Farty, I do think you're funny...interesting! :-D Except...after reading your blog, I find myself doing a reeeeaalllly bad impersonation of Sean Connery...the accent, though positively charming as hell, gets stuck in my head and won't leave!!!! And then I remember the Robin Williams bit on the "start of golf"...and that just makes me laugh right out loud!! (which makes people wonder what the hell is going on!!!! ah...the fun of it all!!!)

Mr Farty said...

Dkuroiwa - Can I call you Debbie? You are too, too kind. *sniff*

Laurie said...

A horse with no name! Oh, wait. Wrong post.

Well, you have to admit. Ronnie Barker was funnier than Ronnie Corbett :-)

dkuroiwa said...

Oh...you can call me whatever you want...I may or may not answer, depending on the mood I'm in!!:-D (I'm not always 'nice', ya know!)
Actually, "debbie" sounds boring...i am working on a "stage name"....what do ya think about "Lola Divine"?!?! i think i could work into a name like that.

billy connelly cracks me up...and beer though the nose really isn't pleasant!!

Mr Farty said...

Laurie - Boring fact #537 - I went to the same school as Ronnie Corbett, but obv not in the same millennium. And Barker was funnier.

Lola - BC was funny thirty years ago. Nowadays, not so much.

Mr H said...

Is that the same Billy Connolly who told a funny joke in 1975? I think it was one of Chic Murrays ones.

My father was from Aberdeen, and a more generous man you couldn't wish to meet. I have a gold watch that belonged to him. He sold it to me on his deathbed. I wrote him a cheque for it, post dated of course.

I made a stupid mistake last week. Come to think of it, did you ever hear of someone making a clever mistake?

So I gave him a wave. Actually, it was more of a half wave, because I only half know him.

What use is happiness? It can't buy you money.

I won't say I was slow developer, but our teacher was quite pleased to have someone her own age in the class to talk to.

After I told my wife that black underwear turned me on, she didn't wash my Y-fronts for a month.

I felt as out of place as a left-handed violinist in a crowded string section.

Boom and boom

Liz said...

Mr Farty is clearly the only funny person in Edinburgh if the examples of 'humour' given in that article are anything to go by.

Mr Farty said...

H - I remember some of those from the first time around, but they're still pure dead brilliant. Thanks.

Liz - See above. Mr H is also a Burgher.