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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Major Misunderstanding

Glimpsed an article on CNN today, something about barristers wearing bikinis? Apparently the people of Washington are up in arms about it, and quite right too.

How is a jury supposed to concentrate on the case in hand when there's a scantily-clad chick prancing around the courtroom shaking her booty? Or is that the idea?

"Your honour, my client is innocent, as I'm sure these twelve good men and true will agree." Shimmy-shimmy. "The fourteen stab wounds in the back of the unfortunate so-called victim are evidence only of the worst case of suicide in legal history." Flutter-flutter, wiggle-wiggle.

"How does the jury find?"

"Er, what? Yeah, whatever she said." Slobber-slobber. Drool.

"Acquitted. Next!"

It would certainly speed up the legal process.

Bikini Barrister


Giggle! said...


I think what I found funniest about this... is the label 'ugly jealous people' you've used for it!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You're a crack up! xx

Laurie said...

I'm glad I never look at your blog while I'm at work. *angelic look*

dkuroiwa said...

...and then only cable television would be able to carry the new lawyer-type dramas because they wouldn't pass the censors!! cool.

It would give a whole new meaning to "preparing briefs" or "a hung jury". Oh i'm sorry, would it only be the barristers, 'cause you KNOW the jury would want to get in on the action too!!!

How did I miss this on CNN??

Anonymous said...

Be they barristers or baristas, I hope this trend doesn't pop up round here. I've no desire to see my friend's father in a bikini.


Mr Farty said...

Giggle - Ugly jealous people - well it's true, innit?

Laurie - I have that problem with Mr Angry. Er, I mean, I never ever have that problem.

Debbie - You have a filthy mind. I love it!

Babs - Ew!