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Friday, 23 May 2008

Sometimes It's The Little Things

Like a bunch of dandelions growing by the roadside.

BabeOr an article in the papers that says most chicks at work don't like being called "love". Although oddly, ten per cent of South East dolls said they would take Babe as a compliment. Presumably the ten percent who haven't seen the film.

Skinny SpiceOr the news that, after making a detailed series of measurements and observations, boffins have concluded that Victoria Beckham's eyes really are bigger than her belly.

Or the way that women say odd things like: "Take the tablecloth off the table so we can have lunch; I don't want to get it dirty 'cos it's designer." Um, can you run that last one past me again?


Giggle! said...


I can't STAND being called 'Love' or 'Darl' !!! Cringes! xx

dkuroiwa said...

Okay...so at work, I can understand the "terms of endearment" and NOT wanting to be called them, that's just kind of icky...but...on a personal level....if the man loves me and has money and spends said money ON me...honeybun, you can call me anything you want...I'll be your sugarboogerbabydoll if you want!
lola d.

Memarie Lane said...

I wouldn't mind being called "love," it's much better than "babe," which is just so awful no words can describe the excessive puking that would ensue if anyone dared call me that.

john.g. said...

One of my mates in the Merrie Monk calls ALL the barmaids Petunia!

Mr Farty said...

Giggle - Aw, Sweetcheeks, I would never call you "Darl!"

Lola - Is this what's referred to as "negiotiable affection"?

Marie - Fair enough, Ducks!

John - Well, it saves having to remember their names!