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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I Want To Believe

So the British Government has finally admitted to having its own version of the X-Files. My favourite report was the one of a UFO with red and green flashing lights seen by several pub customers in Tunbridge Wells, last seen heading for , er, Gatwick Airport.

If I was an alien, which I'm not, honest, I'd be giving this particular planet a wide berth until they get their act together and grow up.

At least another century then.



PI said...

'It could be worse, it could be raining.'

It will tomorrow.

Kayla said...

A giant lobster claw with lights on it?
Found you via Publog

Mr H said...

It's all lies. Everyone knows that the aliens actually live at the Earths core in the lost world of Agharta, and use Oztralia as a prison ship / point of access / egress.

just ask Afrika Baambaataa - he knows the TRUTH!

Jacki said...

Interesting article! I enjoy reading about how the power of suggestion can really influence people's memories of stuff. Humans are pretty gullible creatures.

john.g. said...

I didn't think you had aliens in Scotchland! They were all in Manchester last night!

Mr Farty said...

Pat - It's always raining somewhere.

Kayla - Hello and welcome. It's a bugger typing with these things.

H - Damn, you got me!

Jacki - The Flying Spaghetti Monster, you say?

John - Those - ugh! - things weren't human, that's for sure.