Farty's Fortunes

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Warriors From Another World

Huge they were. Huge and terrible. They had evil in their eyes, but it's the sound of their voices that'll haunt me to the end of my days. That screaming, deafening ululation, going on and on all around us as if it would never, ever end. The captain had told us they were unthinking beasts, that we could easily defeat them, but he was wrong, so wrong.

Only the gods know from whence they came, what unimaginable distances they must have travelled to end up here in our world. What vast ships they must have built to ferry themselves here! Why did they come? What could our home possibly have to offer them? How did they even learn of our existence? So many questions...

And now they are on our very doorstep! The empire that we spent so long building, nurturing over the centuries, will surely crumble into dust before their assault. They are unstoppable. With my own eyes, I saw men ripped limb from limb in their, their, I don't even have a name for those...pseudopods? Our weapons were useless against their impenetrable skin; they needed no armour to protect them.

The captain said they were led here by humans, traitors to mankind working in league with those, those monsters. But who would be mad enough to trust alien creatures? Once they reach their goal, they shall simply trample their erstwhile allies into the ground, for there can be no reasoning with them.

You may think I've gone mad, but you have to believe me, every word I tell you is true! Do what you must to get the news back to our leaders. They are coming!


Mr H said...

May I suggest that the film makers use "Let's Get Physical" by Revolting Cocks as the theme tune.

I'm sure that baldy bloke from The Pacifier would enjoy bestraddling a large beast and riding into battle to the strains of the Cocks.

Marie said...

Wow, Vin Deisel's still around?

And here I thought you were talking about the English, or the Americans, or corporate greed...

Mr Farty said...

Mr H - How appropriate, for a change.

Marie - Serendipity - I wrote the post then googled Hannibal for the link and that's what came up.

I knew someone who did the same thing for...never mind, I might want to steal it >:->