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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Blogoversary Competition

Jings, has it been a year already? I suppose I'd better come up with some witty and erudite blogoversary post...hmmm...here's one. Can I remember, without going back to check, who my first ten commenters were? No.
(OK - How many did you get? That's not the comp. Read on.)

Pierre L - Because he was the first. Didn't seem to have his own blog at the time. Still doesn't, apparently, but still seen lurking in the blogosphere this week. I have my ways.

Pat - The first blogger to comment here. Also John G's second mum. I still dip in from time to time, but that comment moderation thing is a regular PITA. Grr!

Monkey Mother - Another non-blogger, although I'd love to read her musings. Best known for her non-working daughter...


That's it. I drew a blank after that.

I was quite surprised to be reminded who the other seven were:

Anxious - An anonymous blogger; I had just figured out after about a year's detective work where she lived, when she pulled up sticks and moved. Boo! Now I'll have to start all over...oh. That was easy. Anxious is still recovering from Total Kidney Failure. The drug therapy sounds familiar.

Zoe whose boyfriend is a twat - Her blog took its one millionth hit the same day that I started blogging. Popular or what? Hmmm, I see that The Twat is blog-sitting for her as I write - and we all know what that means! (Sheds, in case you didn't.)

John Greenwood - Crivvens, I knew I'd been reading his blog for a while, but had forgotten that he'd been reading mine since day one! That reminds me, today is Joke Tuesday - <clicky> - chortle!

Cat - A Scotch blogger from even further north than Embra. Also a big fan of Morrissey, just like me:

Kissme - I used to read her blog a lot before I started my own. Oops, haven't visited in months...then again, she doesn't post all that often nowadays. That's still no excuse, my bad.

- Bossy? Bossy Who? Name rings a bell...Canadian, apparently. Has a small horse called Stella. And a big heart. Still, that's what Inderal is for.

Bossy is planning a Road Trip across the USA. Here's an idea for financing it: How To Pay For Bossy's Road Trip. Okay, that's a stupid idea; here's a better one: Send money now.

Cheerful One - My favourite little red-headed schoolteacher. No horse, but - get this - the number one Google search result for 'ukulele knitting' (unless you count eBay). I've always wanted a knitted uke.

I see I'm no. 1 for 'farty banoffee', but that doesn't really count, cos Farty is my blogger name. And Non-Working Monkey is no. 6 even though she hates banoffee pie.

Thinks...here's the competition idea.

'banoffee fuckers' - Yayyy, I'm top out of 227!!! Not that I would ever fuck a pie, banoffee or otherwise. That would just be wrong. What a waste of pie.

Your challenge: Pick exactly two words, not in your name or your blog's name, that score you as no. 1 hit in Google. Out of how many? The more the better. I shall award a prize to the best, or the funniest. Or both. Competition closes on Feb 10th, for reasons.


john.g. said...

FURST!! Congrats Farty!!

Diesel said...

That was tougher than I thought. The best I can come up with is "Monkeyhands chicken."

zoe said...

happy Blogversary!

ermmmmm, words. 'girlfriend', 'fucking' and 'daughter'. Oh, that's three - skip the 'girlfriend' then - and yes, I do despair.

Sewmouse said...

Shroeder Trundle gets me the #1 result out of 14,100 entries.


Happy Blogiversary!

Mr Farty said...

Aw, fanx, peeps!

Diesel - How odd - when I google 'Monkeyhands chicken' I get my blog as top of the list!! Did I mention your monkeyhands post was excellent?

Zoe - It's tough being a twat's girlfriend, eh?
Um...while all those words are admittedly in your blog, typing them into google doesn't make you the no. 1 hit. Probly several hundred down, below all the porn. Or were you just passing a comment?

Sew - Holy crap! <clicky> But only if you spell Schroeder with a 'c'.

Can anyone beat Sew's impressive tally?

Laurie said...

The most I seem to be able to get is 12,500 with 'zebra elucidation.' 'Quagga appendage' came in second with 8000.

However, 'zebra appendage,' came up with an interesting YouTube...

Cat said...

God that's tricky! I've tried various Lorraine Kelly and tights combos but am never number one, which is surprising, given the number of people who find me that way...

Mr Farty said...

Laurie - But is it as long as His Noodly Appendage?

Cat - You come 4th out of 37,900 for 'Morrissey catastrophe'. Keep trying.

Brom said...

Congrats F old boy.

This is difficult, I'll keep trying.

Brom said...

'nhadau topographic' gets me a No.1

I couldn't find any rules that said you had to use English words?

Cat said...

Morrissey catastrophe? Brilliant. I might add that to my sidebar if I can figure out how.

Mr Farty said...

Results here, for those of you tracking these comments.

Toot toot!