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Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Pol·i·tics, n. pl.: The science or art of political government.
From the Greek poly, meaning many and tics, or blood-sucking parasites.

Scotchland's fourth First Minister Alex Salmond today won approval for his budget proposals by the narrowest of margins (64 to one, and even the one was a mistake) after threatening to resign if he was blocked.

He's no daft, is he? The Scotch still hate the Tories after Thatcher road-tested the Poll Tax on us a year before unleashing it on her own country, and Labour are on the ropes with their own glorious leader Wendy Alexander up before the Procurator Fiscal after "neglecting" to declare political donations.

So if he did keep his word (some politician!) and resign, the ruling SNP could easily win a snap election by a comfortable margin. Very comfortable, with Big Fat Al out of the picture. So naturally, they all caved in and either supported him or kept schtum.

How I wish our politicians had some principles, like the Merkans! No, wait...

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