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Monday, 11 February 2008

Competition Results

So how did it go?

All in google.co.uk with safesearch off:

Diesel with 'Monkeyhands chicken' - 1/68.

Zoe with 'girlfriend daughter' - probly somewhere in the top 100,000/1,080,000.

Sewmouse with 'Schroeder Trundle' - 1/14,400.

wtf is a trundle anyway? Oh.

Laurie with 'zebra elucidation' - 1/41,600.

Cat with 'Lorraine Kelly' - nowhere to be seen in the first several hundred out of 322,000.

...despite six hits on her own site - bi-curious?

Brom with 'nhadau topographic' - 1/37.

Apparently a nhadau is a type of short giraffe, native to the mountains of Norfolk.

Step forward Laurie and collect your prize. Erm. Send a suitable snail-mail address to mrfarty at blueyonder dot co dot uk and I'll stick it in the post. You like spaghetti, right?


Cat said...

I googled bi-curious, and then "bi-curious cat" and while I don't rank at all, it certainly brought up some interesting results.

Mr Farty said...


Laurie said...

Wow! I'm honored! I still can't seem to get more than 12,700, but you come in #2 now. But how many zebra websites could there be with explicit sexual content. Oh, wait...

I worship spaghetti. I have the entire song "On Top of Spaghetti" memorized!