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Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Tagged by Cat, just long enough ago that I've managed to forget what she picked. Although I'm sure she made some excellent choices. Anyway.

Seven Things I Approve Of

  1. Cleavage.

  2. Chocolate.

  3. Music.

  4. Science Fiction.

  5. Holding Hands in Public.

  6. Blogging.

  7. Silliness.

That was easy. Your turn.


Mr H said...

Seven Things I Approve Of

1. Sandra Bullock

2. Pointing and laughing at people who are not like me

3. Pizza

4. Tripping up street performers

5. Lindor Chocolates

6. Heavy metal rock and roll music

7. Bears (unless they are in the process of shitting in the woods)

Jacki said...

Seven things I approve of? Ummm...

1. Books
2. Magazines
3. Coca-Cola
4. Alcohol
5. Pizza
6. Warm, sunny days
7. Shoes

Yeah, I know, this list sounds so girly.

Misssy M said...

1. Bugs Bunny cartoons
2. Crunchy snow under bare foot
3. Dressing up
4. Going to the cinema in the afternoon when the cretins aren't there.
5. Italian ice-cream
6. Finding a tenner in your pocket you'd forgotten about.
7. Surprises

john.g. said...

1. Ale
2. Blogging.
3. Roast lamb
4. Man. Utd
5. That picture of Sandra Bullock on Mr,h's site!
6. Golf
7. Mr. Farty's blog!

Mr Farty said...

Mr H - no. 2 - there used to be a bloke at Gogarburn who did that - was it you?

Jacki - Shoes. Hahaha!

Misssy - MMMmmm snow!

John - 3 with mint sauce. And fanx!

Mr H said...

It may or may not have been me depending on what name and what medication I was using at the time.

If this persons name was Nathan Shufflepod, and he had a nasty habit of popping his knee in and out of its socket in time to "Hey Baby" by Bruce Chanel, then it was me.

Gods Hat My Ipod

MikeyP said...

Stockings and suspenders (on ladies anyway) :-)

Mr Farty said...

Mikey - Welcome. Ah, a man after my own heart...