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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Birthday Boy

It was LMF's fiancé's birthday yesterday and we'd organised a Helicopter Trip for him. Yay!

Videocam fully charged and tested? Check.
Wrapped up warm? Check.
Clear skies? Check.
Phoned two hours ahead of time to reconfirm - cancelled due to a Technical Problem.

So we switched to Plan B.

You should always have a Plan B.

This was more of a Plan Z, but beggars can't be choosers.

Small vs Far Away

Holding a Helicopter

Sometimes you just have to make your own entertainment.


BOSSY said...

Oh crap that's funny. (Or how about, "Oh fun, that's crap!)

Marie said...

Reminds me of an old family joke of ours, that isn't really all that funny. My Uncle Mike asked for a car for Christmas, even though he knew that no one in the family could afford to spend more than $5 on a gift for anyone, let alone an unemployed retard like him. After that my dad got him a little Hot Wheels car every Christmas.

Cat said...

Re Marie's comment, an ex boyfriend of mine once bought me a small, silver, soft-top Mercedes, saying he'd get me a real one some day. We're no longer together but I still have the wee car sitting on my bookcase more than ten years on. Maybe some day I'll buy a real one for myself.

Mr Farty said...

BOSSY - You want funny? There's this blog I've been reading for over a year and I just noticed last week that when the author strikes out the word readers and replaces it with reader there's a link right there to one of her fans. Sigh.

Marie - How many cars does your bro' have now? Enough to start a dealership?

Cat - That's kind of sweet.

Mr Farty said...

<clicky-clicky> Blimey, that was quite a while ago!

Diesel said...

You are one crazy mofo.

Happy birthday!

Honey said...

made me laugh, sounds like a fun day out to me I like whizzing around with toy helicopters, but then I have a two year old, sigh.

Mr Farty said...

Diesel - *cough* I wasn't the one "flying" the helicopter!

Honey - It's great to be young at heart.

Jacki said...

That is just great! More fun than an actual helicopter ride, probably.