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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Get Lost

GoWhen he's not surfing the interweb for animal porn busy blogging, Mr Farty likes to check out the latest interactive gaming experiences. And he couldn't help but notice this inovva innover clever design fresh out of Japan. It's just jam-packed with features!

  1. Saves on cpu cycles by moving all of the processing into the players' own heads.

  2. Motherboard created using state-of-the-art etching - with a Samurai sword.

  3. Silicon/carbon materials - slate, shell and wood.

  4. Display equally visible in strong daylight and indoors.

  5. Recyclable components - you can eat any Minstrels/Mint Imperials that you capture.

The rules of Go are pretty simple: surround territory and/or capture prisoners to gain points. Highest score wins. Easy as piss. (e.g. I've been playing for twenty-nine years and I'm just starting to get the hang of it.)

Bad LoserOh. It's considered good form to always lose to heavily-armed Samurai warriors. I'm just saying.


SpanishGoth said...


And next week we will be discovering Chess?

Knight/Horse? - already I see you Googleing porn ;-)

Mr Farty said...

S - Shouldn't that be "Googling pawn"?