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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Farty's Marketing Tips #1

Full MoonThis was inspired by Jacki's post: How to Make Money on Craigslist. Her dad managed to sell a telescope for a tidy profit just before a total lunar eclipse. In a way, I'm glad I didn't buy it, since it was cloudy over here. Of course tonight would have been a different matter...

I digress. As usual. The trick is, of course, to know your target audience, or "mark". If you're selling an astronomical telescope, simply post a picture of the instrument with a human beside it to give an idea of scale. Shortly before a major astronomical event.

* $150. That's only £75. Weeps *

If you're selling a small car, make it seem larger by getting a small person to pose beside it, or better still, inside it.

And if you're selling a generator: again, put someone in the picture near it, so that the buyer knows just how big they are. It is.
Generator for sale
Is it just me or is it hot in here?


SpanishGoth said...

It's just you !!!

Jacki said...

LOL....this is great!! Something my dad will appreciate. ;-)

Peter Dyrholm said...

Man I like you !!!!

Especially if I interpret your post as I am the male equivalent >>sales booster<< to a telescope as a hmm well equipped blond woman... :-)

And that after a long day at work and I have my eyes closed...

I keep telling the family that me being in the photo is why it sold so quick and people were just lining up :-)

john.g. said...

Nice generator! And what's that on the floor under the generator?

Mr Farty said...

Goth - Not if the rest of these comments are anything to go by!

Jacki - Bet he will!

Peter - I like you too, but not in that way. Gerroff!

John - Hehe!

rilly super said...

nice car Dustin, but is it safe?!

Mr Farty said...

Rilly - It must be safe, it's got no engine!

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