Farty's Fortunes

Saturday, 10 February 2007


What about that Lisa Nowak bird, eh? Decides to put on a trenchcoat and wig, then drive nine hundred miles to pepper-spray, kidnap and attempt to murrrderrr the other woman who had her claws in "her" man. Allegedly.

Doesn't say much about the state of NASA these days. Hello? Didn't they train her on how to remotely operate a robot arm? And if they did, wtf did she feel the need to drive all the way from Houston to Orlando in person to do the dirty deed? At least she remembered some of her astronaut training and wore a nappy on the trip to save having to stop for a wee.

I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable in a spaceship with a homicidal maniac as a travelling companion. "Open the pod bay doors, Lisa..."


Pierre L said...

A good start, and an interesting picture. You'll have lots of comments by the end of the year.

Pat said...

Blast Pierre!
I hate coming second. Bonne chance!

Anxious said...

Well, hello!

zoe said...

an excellent start, farty. just keep on ripping ;)

john.g. said...

Nice start Farty. The picture speaks for itself.

Mr Farty said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. Nothing helps as much as encouragement.