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Saturday, 3 January 2009


Bleargh, what day is it? Friday already? Result!

Well that was an excellent start to the year, so let's see how I can keep up the momentum. I know! I'll think up some New Year's Resolutions. Nobody's ever done that before! *cough*

BOSSY asked for this in Ten Words recently, I forget what day it was, and I guess I may have been a little bit flippant when I said: "Update blogroll. Scan photos into Flicka. Find cure for cancer."

Yeah, like I'm ever going to scan those photos. Did I mention the driver disk for the scanner finally turned up amongst a pile of music CDs? About a few weeks months ago. So yay. That could still happen.

And I updated my blogroll just yesterday. Everybody say hello to Lesley at Um...What?? Three times now I've seen her comments in places and clicked through and thought, "Wow! This is an amazing blog!" So yeah, this time I remembered to blogroll her. Ooh, snap! One of these days I promise to clear out the crap, you know, the links that no longer work because some people have got a life abandoned blogging in favour of sitting in front of the telly.

Talking of telly (tv if you're a Merkan), having been away for both Eckmas and Hogmanay, I now have a mountain of stuff recorded off the boob tube. Some of it's topical, so I'll probly try to watch it over this weekend, but FFS I still haven't seen the Ecksmas Dr Who, so no spoilers please. Although, come to think of it, after forty-odd years I think I can detect a pattern emerging. Let's hazard a guess:

  • Having the entire Universe and all of Time to roam in, The Doctor arrives in an exciting new destination, such as Cardiff or London (Cardiff dressed up to save on production costs) in the near future or recent past.

  • The Doctor meets a new alien race such as the Daneleks, Sontarans (yawn) or Cybermen. Yeah, I know that much.

  • The Doctor decides that the aliens are getting a bit uppity with his favourite race, the humans.

  • After a brief struggle, The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver or similar gadget to utterly destroy the aliens. Again.

  • The Doctor declares: "I've learned something today. No, wait, that's South Park."

So, getting a bit predictable. It's not even as if The Doctor can be killed, 'cos he just resurrects into a new body, so you know he'll always triumph. You could argue that if The Doctor was totally killed, it would kind of shorten the series, but look at Taggart. Mark McManus died fifteen years ago in mid-episode and they just kept on filming. Still going now, as far as I know. I don't really know, I've never watched it, but still, hey. If they can lose the central character, so could Dr Who. Yeah.

Where was I? Resolutions. Catch up on some telly. Right.

And save some money towards Little Miss Farty's wedding next year. Thank goodness I bought all those shares in Lehman's, The Officer's Club and Woolworths. They must be worth a fortune by now, right? Right?

Oh yeah. I got a digital photo frame for Ecksmas. I haven't opened the box yet, but if I should inexplicably drop off the interwebs in the next few days, well, it's been good. I really love you guys.

Toot toot!


Lesley said...

Um....holy crap??? WOW. You are awesome! I am so honored I am practically beyond coherent at this point. (Yeah. I don't need to be coherent to still find a way to use 5,476 unnecessary words.) A mention on Mr. Farty's blog. I have arrived! Swoooon. Ooh! Maybe now I'll have like a whole 37 hits in one day?!

Thank you, Mr. Farty. You are also on my blogroll...and even before I read this! Because you blog is the bomb. The bomb blog. Woot!

Lesley said...

"YOU blog?" See? I'm an idiot. No one should ever read my blog.

Laurie said...

Just when my New Year's resolution is to pare down the number of blogs I read, you come up with yet another - Um...What?? - that I just have to add to my NetNewsWire. I only just added The Bloggess. I think I found half of the ones I have on there through your blog. I'm running out of time to read all of them. Thanks a lot. :-p

I've Been Mugged said...

Today we find out who is to play Who. What excitement! My money's on them bringing back Taggart from his shallow grave. I think David Ten-inch is doing some advertising for the Sperm Bank, which is a good thing given the shortage of cash around. No-one wants to see Sperm Banks go under aswell as Woolworth.

#Debi said...

My brother and his family were in over the holidays, and my 10 year old niece pointed to my wee Dalek that I have proudly displayed on a shelf in the living room, and asked, "What is that?" It was interested to watch me try to explain a Dalek to her when neither of us have watched the series...I told her it was a toy robot sent to me from a nice man in Scotland... :)

#Debi said...

That's "interesting"...

Mr Farty said...

Lesley - Get a grip FFS, you haven't won the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet. Still, it can only be a matter of time.

Laurie - Yeah, me too. Where do all these literary geniouses come from?

IBM - Taggart didn't get the part, so no Zombie Dr Who, dammit. That would have been kinda cool, the Zombie Doctor going around eating Cyberman brains and that. Sigh.

#Debi - Never seen a proper Dalek? Just show her this clip, it explains everything. Sort of.

I've Been Mugged said...

I don't suppose TaggArt wanted the part anyway Farty. It being so big and everything.

Vodka Mom said...

a wedding? A WEDDING??? I need to start saving myself. We'll have TWO to pay for.

Mr Farty said...

VM - See if you can make it a double wedding and get a discount.

Jeanne said...

Visting from VM's place....

I can't believe I just found the other human being who actually read "A Short History of Time"!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Hi, I saw your avitar on the Legendary Vodka Mom's blog and I had to investigate a guy named Mr. Farty.
Let's just say I am NOT disappointed:)!

lady macleod said...

go for it love

Mr Farty said...

Jeanne - I might have read Hawking's book, but understanding it is another matter. Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything is much more accessible.

btw, we say eejit here in Scotchland.

Candy - Oh! Oh! Another new stalker! At this rate I'll be able to get my comments into double figures without having to masquerade as someone else. Welcome!

Lady M - Ooooooh, I see you're back to daily blogging at last! Hurrah!

*does a little virtual dance*