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Friday, 2 January 2009

Farty's Friday Chart

This is getting hard - every time I come up with an idea now, I have to check in The Book to see if I'm subconsciously nicking ideas from it.


Not Pink

Name That Tune.

Happy New Year, btw.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting! by Sir Elton John, although he hadn't been knighted at the time.

Lesley said...

"Don't give us none of your aggravation! We've had it with your discipline!" Since M.A.W. already figured it out, I decided I'd just sing a little of it for you.

I'm a very, very bad singer, by the way.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! It's like getting a visit from blogging royalty. And then needing to breathe into a paper bag afterward.

Happy New Year, Mr. Farty!

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Blogging royalty!! Farty, the Queen Mother of the Blogosphere.

Happy 2009 old chap.

#Debi said...

Got it right away, just didn't get to the comments fast enough, it seems... :)

Ooh, Queen Mother! How'd you rate that, Farty?

Btw, a post on my site should be coming up this weekend. Thanks for asking... :)

I've Been Mugged said...

'blogging royalty' It must be terribly terribly hard darling. You really ought to rest ones weary head.

That one was a bit easy Farty!

*wonders when I'll be getting the Royal stamp, of approval*

Mr Farty said...

MAW - Shouldn't that be Dame Elton?

Lesley - You haven't heard me sing - even cats run and hide.
Blogging royalty, eh? *blushes*

Daffers - "The Queen Mum of the Blogosphere." So you're saying I'm ancient, with rotting teeth, reeking of gin and inordinately fond of horses? Awesome.

#Debi - You may kiss my ring.

IBM - First class!

I've Been Mugged said...


Mr H said...

Is it;

"Revolting Cock au Lait" by Revolting Cocks.

Meet the New Year, same as the old.

Mr Farty said...

Mr H - Ew! Plus ça change etc.

Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting - Queen