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Friday, 23 January 2009

Farty's Friday Chart

Given the events of this week, it was either going to be this or Bob the Builder.


Go on, name that tune.


Laurie said...

Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!!!!!!!!!!!! - Timbuk 3

Oh, yeah!!

#Debi said...

I concur with Laurie's choice...

Nicely done!

Mr H said...

70's Rock Must Die by Lard featuring Al Jourgensen, who is also in the Revolting Cocks

"I was cruisin' in a car
Down Melrose Boulevard
When I stopped all the traffic
I was laughin' so hard
Standin' on the corner
Was this rock n roll dude
In leather pants thinkin' he was so cool
He had the jacket,
He had the shades
Farrah Fawcet hair,
Or was that a wig?
Face like a turtle
Trying in vain to look stoned
You could tell he'd been practicing
In a mirror at home
He'd probably been posing like that all day
Didn't matter that it was a hundred degrees
In the shade

Well c'mawn, well c'mawn
70's rock must die
Well c'mawn, well c'mawn
70's rock must die

Bogus bands, plastic rock stars
Stupid clothes and the worst made cars
Country rock making us all sick
While John Travolta wags his double-knit prick

Being a teen back then,
Man, it was a drag
Bicentennial and no one burned the flag
You think we live in
Pretty desperate times
When people want to go back to 1975
My Saturday Night Fever fantasy:
Lock the Bee Gees in a Pinto
And ram it from the rear
Burn, baby!

Well c'mawn, well c'mawn
70's rock must die
Well c'mawn, well c'mawn
70's rock must die

Ooh babe, yeh yeh yeh
We may not have talent
But we sure got attitude

Suck my ego, pay to play
Got nothing more to say
As we sell you a stairway to boredom

Look around at the hip people
Set in their ways
Reaching back to the things they used to say they hate
Young old farts playing fossil rock
Pistols reunions pass for rebellion

Radio and TV gettin' so damn bland
With collegiate boy Neil Young copy bands
Underground's becoming an Alternative joke
Even Aerosmith hates all the Aerosmith clones
I know they don't make 'em like the Son of Sam
But even punks wanna go back to '77 ?!?!
Gimme a break, man...

Well c'mawn, well c'mawn
70's rock must die
Well c'mawn, well c'mawn
70's rock must die"

Anna Russell said...

I am so rubbish at these, I haven't gotten one yet.
So for today's song, I'm going to say it's "Flow" buy Sade, which did well in the *charts* (see what I did there?).

Anna xxx

Welsh Girl said...

Mr H - ALL THE LYRICS!! That's just excessively keen. I'm going with Rocket Man. Surely you'd need shades as he exploded through the atmosphere?

Mr H said...

But the lyrics are so kule.

How could I pick a sample from all the genius wot Big Al came up with.


Mr Farty said...

Laurie - Even I had to google it to remind me of the band, well done!

#Debi - Groovy!

Mr H - Wrong.

Anna - "Charts" - haha! Nice try.

Taffeta - I think he'd need more than shades. And I'm working on your meme.

john.g. said...

Wouldn't have got it anyway!

Mr Farty said...

John - Seriously? I remember it being very popular at the time. Let me jog your memory.

Timbuk 3 - (The Future's So Bright) I Gotta Wear Shades