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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Summer Caption Competition

Be it pleaseth yowe, Maistre Geoffrey Chaucer hath inspiredd me with his chronicle ycleped Doctor Hwaet and the Daneleks. It hath been wandering arounde mine head for monthes, lyke unto Marco Polo on his travelles.

Any road uppe, Ich haue effected an peynture depicting an Danelek Shippe, but Ich am at an compleat losse for a suitably sombre title.

Et this ys where yowe, gentil reedere, can make yower owne contributione!

Katy Manning & DalekAlle yowe have to doo ys to provide yower suggestiones in ye usual place; Ich shall runne an totallye fayre refferendumme to fynd the moost popular one and poste it yn mine blogge. There shalle be an pryze of an actual moving, talking Danelek. (Paynture not to scale, Companion not included.)
Prize ⇒
Competition ⇓

So putte on yower thynking cappes! Competicioun closeth on Vendredi, Juin 20, 2008. Goode Lucke!

Danelek Shippe


Memarie Lane said...

Wait- what?

#Debi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
#Debi said...

That was me deleting. Let's try this again:

Here's my contribution:

"Oooh, baby! You said you were bringing over some BIG sex toys, but I had no idea! Thanks ever so much! (You can go now...)"

Laurie said...

I can't think of a title for the picture, but the song running through my head is a weird combination of Wagner's The Ride of the Valkyries and the Dr. Who theme song. Duh duh da da daaa daaa oooooweeeeeoooooo duh duh da da daaaaaoooooooooo.

Bridie Knight said...

Danelek brand: pretty powerful adhesive, get it on!

john.g. said...

Some bird hugging a big pepper pot?

And how the hell can daleks row?

Brom said...

How can Daleks row asks John?


"You will be exterminated"

"I'll Do it"

"You Did it last time"

"But It's MY turn"

"Shut up you son of a sink plunger, or you'll be next"

etc... etc...

Mr Farty said...

Marie - Caption. Competition. For the picture of a boatload of Daleks wearing Viking helmets. Like, I dunno, "Mothership. We has one."

Debi - Oh, yeah, baby!

Laurie - Dubbeddy-dum, dubbeddy-dum, wEEEEEEEEEE-woooooooooo...

BK - Um, ok. There's probly a Lurpak joke in there too.

John - Katy Manning is not "some bird"!! Although the Daleks were indeed modelled on pepper pots.

Brom - Now you're just getting silly!

Honey said...

I ay offend with piled and fair fere.

#Debi said...

Mr. F, glad you liked it :) but I realize now that I captioned the wrong picture...

Don't know enough about Dr. Who to make an intelligent entry on the other one...

Sewmouse said...

D1: "Why. Are. We. Wearing. Cow. Antennae. on. our. heads.?"

D2: "Those. Were. Not. Cows. They. Were. Bulls."

D3: "We. Will. Exterminate. R. &. D. Department."

D4: "Shut. Up. And. Row.

rilly super said...

well, I haven't got a caption but for a ruthless machine race that has no human emotion that pointy telescope thing sure is pointing at a jaunty angle

Mr Farty said...

Honey - Maybe you should lie down for a sec.

Debi - Ah...that makes more sense. Caan I use that?

Sew - How do you know thay were bulls?

Rilly - Is your ray-gun charged up or are you jast pleased to see me?

*Spot the Dalek references*

I am a sad git.

Mr Farty said...

D1 - Are we there yet?

D2 - I spy with my little eye...

D3 - Who farted?

D4 - I'm exterminating that travel agent when we get back home.

Anonymous said...

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