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Sunday, 18 January 2009


Here's a question for anyone who's ever been involved in a court case, whether as a juror (me), a witness (Mrs F), a policeman (one nephew) or whatever (hi, J-Dub!).

Have you ever seen a lawyer become so incensed with his/her opposite number's line of questioning that he/she's leapt to their feet and yelled: "Objection!!!"

Or even just said it in a normal voice?

Or shouted at a witness?

Or dramatically produced a vital piece of evidence out of thin air on the last day of the trial?

Or forced the defendant to break down in tears and change their plea to guilty?

No, me neither.

That's why I don't watch those court dramas like Law and Order, Boston Legal, Special Victims Unit, LA Law, Perry Mason, I could go on.

Mrs F loves them, naturally.

I prefer something with at least a touch of realism.

But maybe that's just me?



BOSSY said...

Order in the court!!!!

SpanishGoth said...

HA - fecking idjiot - Diagnosis Murder - Van Dyke solved everything in 30 minutes - "The Chimley Sweep did it guv"

Laurie said...

I didn't realize Boston Legal was touched with realism. I'll have to stop watching it, then.

Brom said...


I've never been called up for jury service, and was quite looking forward to it, if it ever happened... you mean it's not like that.. I'm going to sue somone.

Anna Russell said...

Give me the Tardis over Law and Order any day (although there will probably be a CSI: Jupiter sometime soon, I think they've run out of earthly places for spin offs)

Plus, there's no telling the 7 year old version of me that Daleks aren't real. I have never hidden behind the couch because of a TV lawyer.

Anna xxx

Mr Farty said...

BOSSY - I'll have a double martini, easy on the olives.

S - Gor blimey guv, oi fink you've got it! And you're back on my blogroll.

Laurie - Bejeebus!

Brom - You could always jump up from the jury bench and shout "Objection!" yourself. Perhaps not.

Anna - You could always combine Doctor Who with CSI to make CSI: Cardiff. No, wait, that's Torchwood.

Lesley said...

I love courtroom drama shows, but I take them with a grain of salt as far as their "realism" goes. But who wants to watch REAL courtroom action anyway? We have that here on a channel called "TruTV" (formerly Court TV) and it's just the snore-fest you imagine. Lawyers do object once in a while...but they do it while stifling yawns and whatnot.

Pillow in the court!

Pearl said...

In a prior job, I was a court reporter.

None of those things ever happen.

There is also no such thing as "strike that from the record". Nothing from a record is ever "struck". Ever!


Mr Farty said...

Lesley - Is that Judge Judy? I...yawn...see your point.

Pearl - You're new here, innit? Come in, take the weight off, cuppa tea?

Also? I knew it! Grr!

Welsh Girl said...

The one I love is 'Strike that from the record please' as if the jurors will forget what they just heard? What kind of an idiotic system is that?