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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Prisoner No More

Number 6 has finally escaped from The Village.No. 6

Patrick McGoohan 1928-2009

Update: Stoopid fonts. If you have both Internet Explorer and The Village font, this page ought to look like this:

Doesn't seem to work in Firefox.


Sir Bruin said...

I used to love that series! Never understood it, mind you.

Mr Farty said...

Sir B - Me neither, but it was fun to watch. Hope the remake lives up to the original.

Mr Farty said...

S - Take another look; this is what I was cleverly trying to achieve. Not that I'm a paid-up member of Six of One or anything crazy like that. Hahahaha!

I've Been Mugged said...

You mean you're not a devoted fan?

I used to dream about Rover smothering my face while I slept.

Mr Farty said...

IBM - I used to have a badge with one of them funny bikes on it. Way cool.