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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Remember, Remember

Tourettes Society Bonfire Night


john.g. said...


Cat said...

I was in a pub quiz last night and we called ourselves "Team Tourettes". We punctuated the quiz by shouting out things like "moist", "flaps", "spatula" and "gusset" at intervals.

livesbythewoods said...

That photo is brilliant.

I wish, I WISH I'd though of it first.

Mr Farty said...

John - Me too!

Cat - Brilliant!

WithaY - So steal it and pretend you DID think of it first. Like me.

Oswegan said...

Nice. Thats a great idea.

Well, not the cunt part.

What's wrong with Mr. N? He needs to get with the program.


Manuel said...


BOSSY said...

That dear friend is a riot.

Mr Farty said...

Oswegan - What an unusual name - are you from the planet Oswega?
The cunt part is the best bit.

Manuel - Quite.

Bossy - I bet you wish you celebrated Guy Fawkes Night in Merka now. Huh? HUH?!!