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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Observation #2





One of these cities is Birmingham, West Midlands, England. Historically important for meh; well-known for the Bull Ring (which seems a bit short on bulls), Spaghetti Junction (I see no pasta sauce) and Cadbury's chocolate; exports include: Ozzy Osbourne (musician), Jasper Carrott (comedian) and Cat Deeley (babe).

The other one is Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Historically important for its civil rights struggle; well-known for its steel production, its high murder rate and the Nascar Nextel Cup; exports include: Spiderman Martin (photographer), Johnny Smith (guitarist), Courteney Cox (actor), Emmylou Harris (singer), Condoleezza Rice (secretary), E.O. Wilson (author), Carl Lewis (runner), Willie Mays (baseball player).

Even a complete and utter numpty could tell them apart.

Especially if they lived there.

And worked on the local council.

And were responsible for printing and distributing 720,000 leaflets to the local residents, with a picture of Birmingham plastered across the middle.


Oh, dear.


Jacki said...

The dangers of using stock photo sites!

Hilarious...I especially love their excuse of using a picture of a generic landscape. Suuure....

Mr Farty said...

Jacki - It gets worse - they paid for the stock photo, which was apparently labelled "Birmingham, Alabama". Sigh.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

I can't wait for Walsall's turn.

john.g. said...

I can't wait for sCUNThorpes turn!!

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

Please tell me you are joking!

Mr Farty said...

Daffers - Har-de-har. Reminds me of the time my Auntie Madge went to Ankara and her luggage went to Anchorage. True story.

John - The Scunthorpe Problem even has its own Wikipedia entry.

Tina - I was joking in the Georgia post below, but not this time. Just Google news birmingham leaflets and see what pops up.

Oh and hello. Do come again.