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Friday, 1 August 2008

Farty's Friday Chart

A nice simple one for a change. Definitely a song title this time.


Name that tune.


dkuroiwa said...

Oh...whether it's the answer or not, I got Sir Elton's 'Blue Eyes' ('baby's got....blue eyes...like a deep blue sea....')now stuck in my head and I keep singing it over and over and over....aaarrrrrrgggghh!
Toodles, Pip.

Mr H said...

Seems like I've been here before,
Fuzzy then and still so obscure, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye.
And I don't want to see anybody cry,
Meet me some mornin' in the sweet by and by, by and by, by and by.

Song comin' on,
So pleasin' to see, come and gone, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye,
You don't have to tell me why,
Meet me some mornin' in the sweet by and by, by and by, by and by.

It ain't cause I'm the only one left darlin',
Bout the time the sun rises west,
Feelin' groovy, lookin' fine.

Think I'll come back here again,
Every now and then from time to time.
My how lovely you are, my dear,
The ball game has gone much too far my dear,
Sing to me, do your thing to me,
I'll meet you some mornin', meet you some mornin',
In the sweet by and by, by and by, by and by.

Surely, it's The Dead, man.

'Born Cross-Eyed'

john.g. said...


Mr Farty said...

LolaD - Um, yes, I did think that when I posted it. Also "Gladly the cross-eyed bear," but it's not that either.

H - Good song, but nope.

John - Not even going to try? 1970s.

Laurie said...

Who are you? The Who

My other guess would have been A Cockeyed Optimist from Oklahoma, but that's the wrong era...

Mr Farty said...

Laurie - Not The Who. And there's a song called A Cockeyed Optometrist? Wouldn't that be bad for business? Oh, optimist. No.

Cat said...

Pale Blue Eyes - Lou Reed?

Mr Farty said...

Cat - Don't know that one. So no, obv.

Keep trying, just say what you see...

Across the crowded disco-room.

Laurie said...

Yet another song I don't recognize. Is Edwin any relation to Ringo?

The picture still looks like an owl to me. But now I can't get Some Enchanted Evening from South Pacific out of my head; Some enchanted evening, you will see a stranger across a crowded room, etc...
(Oops. A Cockeyed Optometrist is from South Pacific, too)

1st Lady said...

Whams 'Wake me up before you go go'?

Or I'll get really mad...

john.g. said...

Cross-eyed and Painless, Talking Heads?

Mr Farty said...

John - It's good...but it's not right.

1st Lady - Not even close. Nice post in Scottish Roundup, btw.

Laurie - Well googled, that lady!

Yep, it's Edwin Starr of War - What is it good for? fame, with (Eye To Eye) Contact.

john.g. said...