Farty's Fortunes

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Linky Love

Um. I was gonna post somethimg, but then I got sucked into Jenny The Bloggess and, well, then went blog-hopping from there. There was another of the Mr Men, Mr Nostril or something, and Jozet at Halushki, you should read her beautifully-written post on Creek Glass. And of course BOSSY and a quick look at Scotch Roundup, then on to Cat, Peter and Misssy and what do you know, it's well after midnight.

I'm off to bed now.

Sleep tight!
Don't let the buggies bite!
And if they bite,
Squeeze them tight,
And they'll no' bite
Another night!


Giggle! said...

Rest Well Mr Farty!

See you again in blogland sooon xx

Misssy M said...

Thanks for the bloggolove Mr F. May it be returned in spades.

I hear Scotch Roundup is absolutely packed full of treats this week....

Mr. Noodle said...

Know where Holy Loch is? Around Dunoon? I spent 5 years in and out of there in a submarine.

Appreciate the link!

Mr. Noodle

Mr Farty said...

Giggle - Aw, fanx! This time I posted first; now I'm off to read a bit.

Misssy - How sweet. Yes, there does seem to be a lot more non-political material in SR this time.

Mr N - Oh! Oh! I've been in Holy Loch too! Yes, near Dunoon. I spent 5 seconds underwater there when my canoe capsized. Submarine, huh? You win.

Toot toot!