Farty's Fortunes

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Wheel of Falkirk Part 1

Mr Farty has been on a field trip carrying out some basic research for his blog. Or perhaps he just had a day out with Mrs Farty. And his S5000.

At first there was nothing to see but scenery.
Nothing but scenery

Thankfully, before long they chanced upon...more scenery.
More fecking scenery

Just when they felt they couldn't bear the excitement for another moment, they stumbled upon a pair of kids, engrossed in the thrill of fishing.
Gone fishin'

Glancing down, Mrs Farty exclaimed: "Jings! Thistles!"

Glancing up, Mr Farty remarked: "Crivvens! Raspberries!"
Raspberries nom nom

As they reached a canal lock, Mr Farty wondered where they kept the key?
Canal Lock

"Perhaps it's in that little house," replied Mrs Farty.
Little House

(to be continued)


Jacki said...

So that is where the yellow brick road leads to. I expected OZ to be a little more fancy than that.

john.g. said...

Which character are you? The Tin man?

Dee said...

THanks for the walk in the woods!

VE said...

Was that actually a road in that second picture? We have bike paths wider that that!! Most over our gas guzzling SUVs could barely get a tire on that!

Mr Farty said...

Jacki - You need to wear the tinted glasses, as I remember.

John - I'd probly be the scarecrow, looking for my brains. Or any branes, nom nom nom!

Dee - Part 2 is a bit less woody and a bit more techie.
Welcome. I'll try to keep you entertained until Jacki gets back.

VE - I thought at first you were referring to the "path" on the right of that photo. How I would love to see an SUV try to negotiate that!
And no, it's a footpath. Or sidewalk in Merkan.