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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

News Drought

Father TedI was going to write a post about Father Ted being arrested for war crimes, but NewsBiscuit beat me to it, curse them!

And there isn't any other news, really. Except that Glasgow has come top of the Scotch licence dodgers' league. They prefer to splash out on expensive flat-screen TVs than spend money on a mandatory licence. Mind you, that does look impressive, don't you think?

The back view? Not so great.

GollyPrincess Camilla of Horseface was slated this month when she was spotted with a Golliwog in her car boot. It's a doll, FFS! I picked up one of these (only far, far better crafted) in Jo'burg airport and gave it to a black lady friend, Rachael Piggot. She adored it.

Chanteuse Amy Whinehouse has been tipped to play the next Dr Who. She's halfway there already, that sure as hell ain't human blood pumping through her veins and feck knows what planet she lives on.
Amy Whinehouse

And finally, sport. Celtic football club are looking to sign Romanian defender Gabriela Cheeky. Or was it Monika? All these footballers look the same to me, sigh.Cheeky footballer

Toot toot!


Sewmouse said...

I wonder how many black kids were (once) thrilled to have a black clown doll? I noticed that article you linked to was full of "might offend" or "could be offensive to" or "were thought possibly offensive" - but not a whole lot of "XYZ activist group" complaints.

Such as one might expect from Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or Louie Farrakhan...

Is this more "fake concern" from those who would like to make "white" skinned people feel guilty again?

john.g. said...

I'm not keen on Amy Drughouse!

Mr Farty said...

Sew - Some people just like to stir up trouble, innit?
this is the kind of doll I found in Jo'burg. Beautiful or what?

John - I don't like her lifestyle, but she's a helluva singer.