Farty's Fortunes

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Stereogram #2


At last Farty's hydrangea has come into bloom. Click to enlarge if you just like pretty flowers, or try that crossing/uncrossing your eyes thing on the small version to see the stereo image. About four inches wide at arm's length works best for me; try concentrating on the bloom just left of bottom centre.


SpanishGoth said...

Ah, but they must smell like poo - I see no butterflies....

SpanishGoth said...

Talking of poo - Girls Aloud tomorrow eh???

Anonymous said...

Subject: FW: Gamekeeper

A man is cupping his hand to scoop water from a Highland burn.

The gamekeeper shouts, 'Dinnae drink thon water min, it's foo o' coo's shite n pish.'

The man replies, 'My good fellow, I'm English.... repeat that in English.'

The gamekeeper replies, 'I said use both hands - you get more that way.'

dkuroiwa said...

*snort* (i do that sometimes! sorry!) That was a funny joke....or maybe it was a true story...never can tell!!

Now THAT is a gorgeous hydrangea bush!!! I love the way they change colors!!
We have many here in nagasaki as it IS the official flower of the city!!
And damn....no smell...but that's okay...still very pretty...like me!!

LolaD...I'm doing some catch-up on my blog-reading...damn...you have 16 for me to read! You don't have to blog everyday, y'know!!! :-)

john.g. said...

Nice hydrangea!

Mr Farty said...

Goth - I accidentally beheaded a few with the strimmer, they're beside me now in a vase. Can't smell them, but that might be because of the farts ;-)

Girls Aloud - Drool...

Anon - Tee hee.

LolaD - You do catch-up reading? I'm honoured. I can probly get a post out of that...and I blog as often as I feel the need.

John - Totally Mrs F's department, but I'll pass it on.