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Sunday, 27 July 2008

A Brief History Of Scotchland - Part 5

Embra Castle
Embra Castle: originally built way back in 2002 to host a "gig" by Russian fake lesbian pop duo Tattoo.


Oopsy. That should of course read, The Embra Military Tatu.
Note: To see The Embra Tattoo and the concurrent Embra Festival and Embra Fridge, it is advisable to visit Embra.

Embra Tattoo

The Castle Esplanade was added as an afterthought, to fleece tourists provide shelter for the Heelanders and their coos and sheep and that, from any attacking Vikings, Weegies or English (boo!).


It also makes a handy place to stick 8500 screaming Girls Aloud fans.

A Girls Aloud Fan

There were no less than three warm-up acts, but Mr Farty didn't mind, he just checked out his favourite blogs blog on the moby to while away the time until Heaven on Earth happened.

Girls Aloud at Embra Castle. Apparently.

No, Mr Farty didn't take his camera with him. He just wanted to soak up the atmosphere.

There was ♥♥♥Nadine Coyle♥♥♥, and, er, the blonde one. And the redhead with the really pale skin. And that one that's married to a footballer. She was in that William video. And the other one.

Together? They.Were.Ace.

Here endeth today's lesson.


VE said...

Now we want the backstage story! Give us the good stuff...

Mr Farty said...

VE - I'd love to oblige, but sadly there's the small matter of the restraining order...

Mr H said...

Just as well I took two pairs of binoculars to my station atop the nearby scaffolding rig. Dropped the first pair due to overexcitement. Makes the 100 yards I have to stay away easily surmountable.

Although, only having two hands made it less enjoyable than usual.

Jacki said...

Very cool! While you were visiting there we were visiting sites from those Vikings you mentioned. ;-)

Giggle! said...

LMFAO!!! You are such a Smarty Farty pants!!




I'm just at Mums, and popping on to say g'day to everyone, I haven't got time to catch up on all posts but I shall as soon as I get the internet back up and running!!! :-) xx

Mr Farty said...

Mr H - So that was you? I thought it was a low-budget remake of King Kong!

Jacki - I'll have to take a look at your holiday pics.

Giggle - I didn't realise the Internet was broken. Will you be fixing it all on your own, or with help from Rat Girl? :p

Queen Goob said...

So are you sure the Russian fake lesbian pop duo Tattoo is actually two women? 'Cause the one on the left looks like a dude.

Mr Farty said...

Queen Goob - Welcome, your majesty! Please be seated. Erm, dudes don't usually have boobs.

Everyone else - I've just nominated Queen Goob's recent post for Post of the Week. It's that good.